Mission, Vision, Values, and Guiding Principles


Working together to empower, challenge, and inspire - One Lowndes!


A learning community striving for excellence every day.


  • A safe and orderly school environment

  • A focus on students

  • Empowering Leadership and Teamwork

  • Research-Based and Data-Driven Decision Making

  • Effective and Efficient Operations

  • Stakeholders Satisfaction and Support

Guiding Principles

  • The safety, education, and welfare of our students are our priorities, and this must be reflected in our actions and our facilities.

  • A safe, supportive environment nurtures teaching and learning.

  • Excellent teachers are the foundation of quality instruction. All educators are accountable for the quality of work provided to students, and they must be committed to the continuous improvement of that work.

  • All educators and staff must be continuous learners. They must be disciplined people, with disciplined thought and disciplined action.

  • The purpose of the school is to ensure that each student develops the capacity to think, reason, and use one's mind well. Each student must develop those understandings, skills, and habits of the mind which make it possible to participate fully in the life of a diverse society operating in the context of an information-based global economy.

  • The focus of all schools' activities must be on providing students with quality work which engages them in meaningful learning.

  • Every student can surpass their current level of learning. Students learn in different ways and at different rates; therefore, instruction should make every attempt to match learning styles and levels.

  • All resources (time, people, space, information, budget, and technology) must be used effectively, efficiently, and continuously evaluated to improve the quality of education provided for our students.

  • A home/school/community partnership with open communication is essential in providing each student the support needed to be successful.

  • Each parent is a partner with the school system in providing a quality education to his/her child. Parent, student, and community input into every aspect of what we do as a school system is absolutely essential to everyone's success.